How to Measure for English Riding Breeches

How to Measure for English Riding Breeches

Breeches are athletically inspired pants that persons wear when riding horses. Breeches are often designed with a thin fabric that fits comfortably throughout the leg, thigh, and seat, allowing the leg movement of the rider to be felt by the horse. Having correctly size breeches is the key element to being comfortable when you are riding. There are several styles and options available, and you can choose whatever suits your needs. If you are participating in competitive riding, your clothing needs to fit perfectly to avoid unnecessary friction. Let us look at how to measure for English riding breeches and some tips to make your riding experience worthwhile.

Sizing Guide for English Riding Breeches

Riding breeches come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and technical features. Before going for a particular style, always try to find the correct information about it or consult experts who understand the different brand fits and the rules of each discipline. But basically, breeches should be a comfortable fit, with no creases or patches of saggy fabric that might distract from the look of the pant or create friction against your skin. The legs should be snug but not so tight that they become constricting or uncomfortable. 

Riding breeches are available in different grip options: traditional suede/leather, knee patch breeches, silicone patch material, or full seat breeches. In addition, they come in several fabric blends and types as well. They range in stretches, price, comfort, and technical features. 

Most English riding breeches are manufactured using cotton material because of their soft hand feel and comfort. Choosing the right riding breeches will undoubtedly enhance your horse-riding experience. Comfort is key when riding a horse; with the proper breeches that precisely fit your riding style, you will be able to perform. Not every brand or type of breeches will make you pin higher or ride better in the ribbons, but a perfect fit pair of breeches will certainly make you feel better! Get the right style and fit for you, and you will be riding like a champion.

Best Way to Measure for Riding Breeches

Depending on the style of breeches you want to purchase, you can use a tape measure to measure around your hips and waist. Measure around your hips for low-rise breeches; measure around your waist for regular fit breeches. You should also measure your inseam to ensure that you have the correct length of breeches. Measuring inseam refers to measuring the length of your legs. 

Proper fit breeches should rest just underneath the calf muscle. Most breeches manufacturers have the inseam length indicated. Depending on your inseam length, you can always order long. 

When ordering or purchasing your breeches, keep in mind your waistline. Breeches are usually sold according to the measurement of the waist. To avoid any inconveniences such as making returns and missing your attire on the big day, order a size slightly above your waist measurement. For instance, if the wait measures 25 inches, get riding breeches that are slightly above that.

Importantly, always fit your breeches in the store or once you get them delivered if ordered online. Your breeches should not show any gap on the waist. In addition to that, the suede patches should perfectly fit your knees. 

Tips & Tricks for Measuring your English Riding Breeches

  • Always tuck in your shirt. Untucked shirts are always flattering and tend to look frumpy regardless of your shape.
  • Your vest should be good and correctly fitted. A perfect vest helps in creating a desirable silhouette, conceals problems, and makes you look professional and neat.
  • Always stick to breeches made from denim or thicker cotton materials. These are the most flattering fabrics that offer structure because of their thickness and help in hiding imperfection.
  • Regardless of your shape or size, choose breeches with wider waistbands and wear them with a wider belt. This is usually more comfortable and flattering.
  • If you are a full-seat breeches person, always go for pants with a darker seat, like white pants with a gray seat. This helps in achieving a slimmer effect. Avoid wearing darker pants with a lighter seat.
  • Most of the underlined jackets tend to have a cutting for a tighter fight. To allow a bit more room for comfort, get up a size.
  • To reduce bulk, wear a thin shirt underneath the technical fabric show coats. Similarly, under technical coats, avoid large belts to prevent unflattering bulges.

Settling for less should never be part of your options when purchasing breeches. Great breeches are meant to make you ready for anything, from your initial course, the dressage course, to that tricky series of tempi changes. The only way to get the breeches that fit your waist and preference is to identify a reputable supplier such as Equoware, an equestrian boutique that offers stylish and high-quality clothing for the show ring and for the horse stables and specialize in high-quality goods for riders of all levels, including pleasure and competition riders, and for their companion animals. 


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