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Horse Pilot Blow Up Safety Vest

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Horse Pilot Safety Air Vest  - The equestrian airbag vest you want to wear.

Horse riding is a passionate sport but also a dangerous sport, at high level as well as in leisure. The Airbag jacket is an innovation that protects the rider's vital areas.

For an airbag to be effective, it must first be worn. It is for this reason that we have decided to remove as much as possible the constraints related to its use.

We have worked closely with In&motion, a company specializing in personal protection for skiing and motorcycling, which has received several awards for its innovations.

Together we have completely redesigned the horse riding airbag. From the gas cartridge, to the trigger, to the fit of the vest or the leash, everything has been optimized to offer safety, comfort and discretion to riders, from beginners to CSI 5*.

Product Features:

  • Freedom of Movement - No oversize, no useless folds or discomfort, freedom of movement is preserved thanks to the fit as well as the stretch and breathable fabrics.
  • Full Torso Protection including Abdomen, neck, vertebral column, chest.
  • CE CERTIFICATION - This airbag is CE certified by the CRITT Sport Loisirs laboratory (European norm CE EN 13158).
  • Thin - Ergonomic and Comfortable
  • Easy to Use -The trigger and the recharge are thin and ergonomic in order to be as discreet and comfortable as possible. Patented system exclusive to the Horse Pilot Airbag integrating In&motion technology.
  • Magnetic Leash Strap - Easy to use and can be detached with a one hand pull

The airbag vest is delivered ready to use with a magnetic leash strap. Cannot be used alone without the Light Pack Kit sold separately. Comes with one gas cartridges, but other Gas cartridges sold separately.

The Airbag for horseback riding which ensures Safety, Comfort & Discretion to the riders.The Airbag vest is an innovation that protects the vital areas: abdomen, neck, spine, rib cage. This vest ensures Safety, Comfort & Discretion for riders. The Airbag vest is an innovation that protects the vital areas: abdomen, neck, spine, rib cage. It is recommended not to use this air vest if you weigh less than 70 lbs.

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