Ladies Riding Breeches & Leggings

Ladies Riding Breeches & Leggings

The Perfect Riding Breech is Hard to Find~~

So many styles, colors and cuts it hard to know where to start and that is why at EquoWare we carry 6+ brands. We can fit any figure type with knee patch & full seat.  Our breeches are appropriate for the show ring and  schooling with many colors to choose from.

We are often asked what to wear at which event. Let’s face it – when showing you can’t go wrong with tan unless you are a dressage rider and then you need whites...LOTS OF THEM. Jumpers also need whites. If you see the term “formal attire” you must wear white.  

Jumpers can often get away with colored breeches a smaller shows but A and A+ shows often limit colored breeches. Check the show rules before you pack.


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