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T3 Martex Dressage Pad with insert protection

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He may not be a linebacker, but he deserves to be protected like one.

The technology used to protect NFL players is now available to protect your horse. Introducing Toklat's T3 Matrix Pads with Superior Impact Protection.

To learn more about the inserts right for you and your horse, click here.

  • Full length Impact Protection inserts that cushion, protect, and absorb energy
  • Inserts removable through Velcro closure along spine
  • Elongated front extends over the shoulder muscle instead of bisecting as traditional half pads do
  • ETC™ fabric underneath the saddle- breathable and non-slip without using friction
  • Luxurious 100% Australian Sheepskin lining eco-tanned in New Zealand, offers superior pressure relief
  • Machine washable - follow care instructions for sheepskin
  • Custom Schooling Liners also available

What this means for your horse:

  • A more comfortable back and rounded top line
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy back

What this means for you:

  • A more secure seat and less bouncing in the saddle
  • Less stress on back, knees, and ankles


  • Small: 16" - 16 1/2" saddles
  • Medium: 17" - 17 1/2" saddles
  • Large: 18" - 18 1/2" saddles

All Purpose

  • Small: 17"L x 6"W
  • Medium: 18"L x 6"W
  • Large: 19"L x 6 1/2"W


  • Small: 18 1/2"L x 6"W
  • Medium: 19 1/2"L x 6 1/2"W
  • Large: 20 1/2"L x 6 1/2"W

How do we measure?

  • Length = inside fleece rolls along spine
  • Width = seat from spine to inside of fleece roll