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How An Equestrian Safety Vest Works

Want the inside scoop on how the new equestrian safety vest works? We explain how this new technology can save you money and your riders life. Click here to start...

If you are an eventer, safety vests are mandatory equipment however, they are not required Hunter Jumpers. We recommend safety vests for schooling especially for children and adult amateur riders. As our sport becomes more safety conscious, wearing safety vests when competing is becoming acceptable. The newest safety vest is the air vest. They attach to your saddle and when you fall a cartridge releases and the bag fills with air. They help protect your organs, spin, and ribs in the case of a fall.   Fit is important for safety vests and you should have it fitted by a professional. Prices for safety vests start at approximately $500.00. A good quality safety vest should last at least 3-5 years. We recommend the Horse Pilot Vest because of comfort and body coverage. You can also purchase Show coats that are made specifically to fit over your safety air vest.

Our Equestrian Safety Vests

We take pride in our first class equestrian safety vest collection that features our favorite safety brands. Here are a few of our favorites:

Horse Pilot Airbag Jacket

The Airbag jacket from Horse Pilot borrows its technology from the skiing and motorcycle safety gear industries to provide horseback riders with a protective garment that offers the same level of protection on impact. Horse Pilot's horse-riding safety vest inflatable mechanism works via a Co2 cartridge pack attached to the vest just below the chest that doesn't impede movement or cause discomfort. A leash is attached to a pin in the cartridge pack at one end with the other end consisting of two straps that can be worn on one hand. All it takes to inflate the vest is a single pull of the leash to release the pin. The vest inflates instantly and is fully expanded before the accidental dismount is finished to provide a cushion upon landing.

The Airbag jacket provides cushioning to the torso, neck, spinal column, and chest to reduce the risk of a life-altering injury. It's reusable, and refill cartridges are available. The jacket is designed to move with the rider and uses breathable stretch fabrics for comfort. A front zipper panel for size adjustment and cartridge cover are available separately. The Airbag jacket is available for both women and men. 

Champion Ti22 Children's Safety Vest 

The Champion Ti22 children's horse-riding safety vest features Champion's SegTek body protection technology that's designed to deliver comfort and superior protection for young riders. The vest features segmented foam panels that allow for greater mobility and flexibility without getting in the way of the rider. The horse-riding safety vest is covered in military-grade mesh, has a titanium-colored lining that stays cool, and features an airflow heat release system that prevents body heat from building up. Ties at the side allow for adjustment to create a snug fit and also accommodates a growing rider. A YKK zipper front ensures that the vest stays secure during riding, but also offers easy on and off for the wearer. 

The Champion children's safety vest has all the same features as the adult version to provide a cushion from an impact. The size range fits young children, but the larger sizes can be worn by smaller teens. The Ti22 is designed to protect the torso, chest, and entire spine of young riders while keeping them comfortable and much less likely to get irritated by wearing safety gear. Ti22 Guardian Shoulder Protectors are available as a separate item. This children's horse-riding safety vest is certified to EN 13158: 2018 Beta Level 3, 2018 which makes it one of the best horse-riding safety vests for young riders.

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